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Aerial Photography and Videography

Creative Drone Imaging

Offer potential buyers an elevated view which will make your property stand out from the crowd. Maximise your selling power with drone images that capture the scale of the property, land and surrounding area.

Document every stage of the development of a site, from planning, first footings and foundations, all the way through to completion. Keep the client excited about the project with an interesting overview of the entire site. Provide a quick check for any visible problems.

Inspect certain parts of a development cost effectively and safely without the need for scaffolding. Get into difficult or confined areas easily. Our pilots background in construction, combined with the knowledge of the surveyors, can quickly help pin point any problem areas or potential risks to a property.

Get in on the action and capture your event from new heights. Make your audience part of the atmosphere by capturing the energy and scale of an event from a view point thats not always possible on the ground, amongst the crowd.

Unique Perspectives Stand Out

Go above the ordinary…

Our drones are capable of 4k HD and we can capture film and stills as RAW for the highest quality.

We can edit the footage and add your logo and brand elements in a style that represents the project.

We will export and deliver the stills and video the way you need it – ready for online media or print campaigns.

We can provide a full suite of services including graphic design, ground photography, video editing, digital marketing and professional printing.

  • Qualifications
  • Insurence
  • Risk Assessment
  • Professional Service
  • Safety

All Studio B61 pilots carry full Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority ensuring they are flying safely & legally whilst capturing your images.

Alec Dudley was trained at The Drone Pilot Academy Limited (DPA), a Civil Aviation Authority authorised training provider.

Studio B61 currently carry £1m Liability Insurance for all operations in the UK. Where necessary we are happy to increase the value of Public Liability Insurance and to offer worldwide geographic cover.

Our insurance is via Cover Drone, specialist drone insurance. Our insurance certificate is available upon request.

Prior to and upon arriving at location our drone team’s will complete a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure the safety of your crew, observers and the general public.

We pride ourselves in our appearance and understand that whilst on site we are not just representing Studio B61. Our interaction with your clients will be of the highest professional standard, so you can be confident in our representation of your business.

We invest into the latest equipment. With safety being the priority of our operation all our drone are serviced and maintained.

Studio B61 is a creative agency in Kidderminster. We provide graphic design, photography and print services. We are also approved by the CAA for commercial drone photography and videography (CAA ID: 6431).


Second Floor, 13 Comberton Hill
Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY10 1QG

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