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Alec’s Top 10 photos from 2018

Posted by Alec on

Taking photographs in 2018 was a fun and interesting experience. I got a new camera in May, the Lumix GH5 a few days before a climbing trip to France and spent the trip getting my head around what it could do. I still love my old Lumix G7 but the GH5 feels so refined and professional – the buttons are just where you want and need them to be. Every time I got the camera out it felt just as exciting as the first time, adjusting the settings to suit the change in season or location. 

In this Blog I’m going to talk through my favourite photos I took this year. It has been a hard task to choose which photos to include as some shots mean a lot to me because of a story behind them. I have tried to pick a few photos from different trips throughout the year and have also included a few work shots.

I hope you enjoy them…

This is my winning photo from the final week of the photo challenge I did with Hannah D in August – A night shot of Bewdley when I was playing with long exposure, which has always interested me.

I took this photo in Ubud in Indonesia. I took 1000 photos during this trip and this is my favourite – Like I said, sometimes it’s about the moment and feeling as much as the final image.

I took this one just after the photo above – I do love a selfie.

This is my favourite commercial drone shot from 2018. The great weather helped and the location of the brand new industrial unit was stunning.

This was another photo from the August photo challenge – ‘A Kodak Moment’ – I took this on my phone up a mountain in Wales.

This photo was taken on a moody day in North Wales with great light.

I took this during the black & white week of the August photo competition but I didn’t use it for the competition as it looked better in colour – I really love it.

This photo was taken at sunset on Curbed Edge in the Peak district

6 months after the photo above, I took this photo in the same location. I snapped it on my phone after getting to the top of a climb. The shot came out great but timing is everything and having a camera on you at all times is a must.

This is my favourite drone shot from 2018. I went over in a cable car and needed to get a shot of the road below!

I took this in Fontaine Bleu playing with my new speed light. It’s going to be one of my New Year’s Resolutions to get better with the speed light – This came out nice though after about 50 tries!

Climbing, Story telling and black & white. Say no more.

Again, I love how the black & white grain enhances the emotion in this photo.

Go big or go home – I just want to be a bad ass sports photographer so i’m always trying to get the coolest shots whilst biking.

We sectioned this corner for ‘insta bangers’ for an hour and it was so much fun.

I love this photo – I took it with a long lens in Croatia and I think it’s just a warm image full of good holiday vibes.

This is a sunrise I took in September. I managed to drag myself out of the camper van very early in the morning for this shot and it was so worth it. I have quite a collection from this morning and love them all.

London Land. I think the composition of this shot is cool because on the far left you have Saint Paul’s Cathedral and on the far right you have the business district split by an Art Deco tower.

I caught this moment in the Tate. A girl practicing ballet at the end of an empty corridor.

A candid shot of my partner I got at a wedding, looking into a mirror.

I set the camera on time lapse while we got into position for a group shot, but ended up really liking the shots before the posed photo – It captured everyone a little more relaxed and candid.

You caught me! I have put in more than 10 photos – I couldn’t narrow it down any more… I’m putting it down to being creative and a bit indecisive.

To be honest, if the name of this blog was Top 100 photos from 2018 I would still have struggled. Since May, when I got my new camera, I have taken over 10,000 photos! 6203 of which were taken using the GH5 and over 2000 using the G7 and I don’t even know how many I’ve taken on a selection of Go Pros and Drones. Oh! And my iPhone of course!

I have enjoyed taking and looking back at every shot from this year. Some have come easy. Some have come as a surprise. Lots have come out a bit rubbish but that’s all part of the excitement.

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