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Hannah’s Top 5 photos from 2019

Posted by Hannah on

There were some stand out shots for me this year that I wanted to take this opportunity to re-share, so I’ve kept it short and sweet. Only 2 of my top photos this year are commissioned photographs, which I think shows I’ve focussed a lot more this year on taking photos for the joy of it and have used my spare time to enjoy photography even when I’m not being paid to do it.

Here’s my Top 5 photos from 2019…

– 1 –

I took this photo right at the start of 2019 on a walk around the Wyre Forest. I didn’t have a particular reason for taking it but I liked it so I filed it away for ‘one day’. I’ve given it a mention in my top 5 because it ended up featuring on our business cards after we rebranded later in the year.

– 2 –

In August I travelled to London to take this photo of Rimilia’s CEO Kevin Kimber – This photo had to be in my top 5 as it got featured in both a National British Newspaper and an American magazine.

– 3 –

This series of photos was a personal project for me in 2019 – I sent my other half on a blacksmithing course in September and I wanted to capture some images of the day. I love the rawness and grit of these images.

– 4 –

In November I took more product shots for SBXtreme – I always enjoy shooting for them and getting to play with coloured gels and smoke. It was hard to pick a favourite, but I think it has to be this turquoise one.

– 5 –

Finally, and I can’t believe I’m including this in my top 5, but it has to be the self-portrait that I took as part of the daily photo challenge in December. I have definitely never included a photo of myself in my top photos but the outcome of this photo just spoke to me. The lighting and the whole mood of it.

I really enjoyed getting my camera out last year and I look forward to doing even more in 2020! Hopefully with some more competitions and challenges with the rest of #TeamB61

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