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Studio B61 Rebrands

Posted by Hannah on

Introducing our new look…

So, let’s start from the beginning

We launched Studio B61 in August 2017, it was a new venture for our Director Hannah and her business partner who has since left the company. The branding was designed by Hannah ready for the launch of the business.

“I remember at the time I was struggling to settle on a style. I kept saving inspiration and making mood boards but I was bouncing between different styles. Time was ticking away, we were getting nearer to the launch and we needed a logo to market ourselves. So I had to go with what I had but I was never 100% happy with the branding we launched with. I didn’t dislike it, but I never fell in love with it either.” – Hannah D

Why the re-brand you ask?

Like many companies in their early days we’ve gone through some changes. Once you start living and breathing your business you get a sense of the personality, what the business is, where it’s going and who your audience is.

When we first launched we described the company as a ‘Communications Agency’ but later changed to be a ‘Creative Agency’ when we stopped providing Marketing and PR services to focus solely on our creative services including Graphic Design and Photography.

However, the branding didn’t reflect this. The branding didn’t reflect us.

“As the Creative Director, clients choose Studio B61 because they like my style of design so I wanted the branding of my company to start reflecting this.” – Hannah D

B61’s Style

Corporate + Creative. Often not two things that go together but, looking back at our past projects, it’s what we do best. Finding a good balance of a corporate, clean and classic artwork, often through our use of grids and a structured layout and adding a creative twist, often through photography and colour. We’ve always aimed to push the boundaries just enough to stand out without making our clients feel uncomfortable in a corporate world.

“I think as a designer, you are constantly being influenced by different trends and styles. I personally like so many different styles throughout my fashion and home styling and that also affects the designs I create. Finding your own style is all part of maturing as a designer.” – Hannah D

Don’t be scared to refresh your logo

People are often scared to rebrand, they think that once you have a logo that’s it forever but it’s really not. All the big companies go through rebrands – there’s been several BIG rebrands this year already.

If your brand is established you can keep the elements that are recognisable but still refresh the design.

Revisiting your branding every year or two is an important process. We are often so close to our own branding that it starts to be invisible to us. We need to step back and see if it’s still working for us and our customers. Is it still getting us noticed? It is looking dated? Is it still representing our business the way we want it to? And ultimately, do we love it?

If you don’t love your branding, you won’t want to show it off.

If you want to keep up to date with life at Studio B61 follow us on Instagram. Hannah, Alec and Hannah T also have their own profile where you can see what they are working on. Follow @StudioB61_Hannah@StudioB61_Alec@StudioB61_Hann for updates.

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