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Design, Print & Deliver

Posted by Hannah on

The mad dash after Christmas, a touch of beauty and simplicity that works… 

Designed, Printing & Delivered… all in a days work!

After an urgent call from Harris Lamb on the first day back after the Christmas break (Tuesday), we reassured them we could help to get their flyers to the distributers before 9am on Thursday. It was crucial that residents of Worcester were made aware of an event that was happening in less than 2 weeks time. We sent a proof design over first thing on Wednesday morning, printed 1,500 copies within our in-house print department and sped off to Tewksbury to deliver them so they can be distributed to 1,500 homes on Thursday morning. I think that deserves a high five!

Check out that spot varnish! It really is a Touch of Beauty. These beauties are the second batch of appointment cards we’ve printed for Touch of Beauty. They had a little tweak to opening times and were off to the printers again to keep their clients informed of their appointments… they also have a perforated section on them that clients can tear off and hand out to friends for a referral discount

Full steam ahead to the printers…

Our first project for Severn Valley Railway went to print this month. 

We did a complete overhaul of their education brochure for 2018. In previous years they have used the same template year after year and it had become tired and dated. We gave it a colourful refresh, colour coding the sections for each key stage making it easy to navigate. Good design focuses on the purpose and the user as well as the aesthetics. This new design works for educators to browse and make an informed decision on which is the right trip for their students. 

Bromwich Hardy Photoshoot

Last year Hannah went over to Coventry to take photos of all the staff at Bromwich Hardy. Since then they’ve had a few new starters who they have sent over to our Bromsgrove studio to get a quick snap of. This month Karen Neale came to see us for her headshot which will soon be added to their meet the team page. 

We set up the studio with the same lighting and backdrop that we used in the first photoshoot so that his photo matches the rest of the team… 

This is useful if you get a new member of staff, rather than a full photoshoot on site, we can offer photoshoots in our Bromsgrove studio for a much lower rate per person. Which means you don’t need to wait until everyone needs to update their photos again or for multiple new recruits to make it cost effective.

Looking for new headshots at your workplace? Packages for on-site photography start from £250 and can be found on my website:

Highgate Branding and Stationery

We completed a branding project for Highgate Land and Development this month. They came to us just before they launched their business, with some ideas for a logo they wanted to use. It was a simple design which we were happy to follow the same lines – we just wanted to put it into a less standard font so it was a bit more professional and also just add a little element to the typographical logo to add some interest. We went for a little orange dot because they wanted 2 versions of their logo – the full name and just the initials – So we thought the dot would work as the i and also a full stop, giving a relationship between the 2 versions.

Sometimes simplicity just works. The burnt orange was a last minute addition to the colour scheme and I think it contrasts the blues perfectly, enough contrast without being too bold and brash. Simple. Professional. Sharp. This is one of those ‘Does what it says on the tin’ brands and it does it well.

We then took this branding through to their business stationery – Letterheads, Business Cards and Email Signatures and in February we’ll be working on a website for them.

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