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Lights, Camera… Branding.

Posted by Hannah on

Another week, another branding project completed! We have been working on a new logo design and colour scheme for local photographer, Hana Patterson.

When Hana started her photography business a couple of years ago and had her logo designed, she didn’t really know her style yet. Now her photographs are beautifully composed and ooze personality – Her branding needed to do the same.

You can see from Hana’s website that the existing logo and colour scheme doesn’t sit well with her portfolio…

Hana sent us a Pinterest board so we could see what style of logo design and colours she is drawn too. It was really apparent from the board that she likes the use of geometric shapes and simple but strong typography. We had one design brief… the logo must include pink!

We don’t often get to design using typically feminine colour palettes, so we really embraced it and enjoyed creating something feminine, yet sophisticated. We explored the use of watercolour and metallics in the logo, which was a key theme in Hana’s mood board.

Here are the range of logo designs we put forward to Hana throughout the development process… Which one would you have gone for?

When designing, we kept in mind that the logo needs to be versatile, as it will be used across promotional material, as well as a watermark on photographs.

The final logo does just that – It works on it’s own and it also works in white over a photograph, without distracting from the image.

Hana loves the use of the bold and regular weights in the font, as it makes a feature of the unusual spelling of her name – And hopefully will make people remember her for it!

The final logo…

Here is an example of how Hana’s watermarked images would look…

For the colour scheme we explored using variants of pinks and purples, along with more sophisticated greys and browns to add a more mature feel to the palette. We took a lot of inspiration from the colours in the watercolour texture we used in her logo.

On to the next branding project…

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