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A year of B61

Posted by Hannah on

Well it’s been a year already – How did that happen?

And what an absolute rollercoaster of a year! Hannah, as Founder and Creative Director, has been self-employed for over seven years now and this year took it to another level…

For those of you that don’t know, Hannah ran Headdesk Graphic Design Studio for six and a half years before rebranding and starting Studio B61 Ltd. Over the years Headdesk began to out-grow itself as our print and photography areas developed rapidly and so we naturally evolved into a multi-service agency. And so Studio B61 was born.

Like a lot of a business’s, ours does not look the same as it did at its beginnings or even six months ago. Our rapid transformation within a year has been an interesting one in many ways…

So here’s some insight as to where we are at…

Hannah is still at the helm running the Studio with Charly being second in command as Junior Designer and turning out some really exciting projects under the mentorship of Hannah. Alec is growing the drone photography side of the business, building on his network and getting some really amazing drone shots in while we are blessed with good weather.

Let’s look back at the first year…

We have had lots of new clients come to the Studio over the past year for which we have branded start-ups and re-branded others to give them the little push they need on their journey. We have continued to work with some of Hannah’s long-standing clients, and have begun equally exciting projects for new clients who we have developed great relationships with throughout our first year as a new company.

This year has also seen the introduction of our new service – Drone Photography. We are now fully trained and licensed CAA approved drone pilots.

We have welcomed new members of staff – Charly as our junior graphic designer and Alec as our drone pilot and media production lead.

As you can imagine it has been an equally challenging and yet exciting year, which we’re sure will continue with its ups and downs as all businesses do! But we’re here to take on the challenge and create some truly amazing content for you and your own business.

What’s next?

Our team hopes to continue working with our long-term clients and are always looking to work with new businesses to get creative with.

Here’s to the next year of Studio B61!

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