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SBX photoshoot goes up in smoke

Posted by Hannah on

SilverBack Xtreme commissioned us to take some new product shots for their website. The brief was  ‘make the products look sick’ – a vague brief, but exciting because it gave us free rein to be creative.

SBX make a range of cleaning products tailored for Motorcross, Eduro and Downhill MTB racing. Their branding is really cool and edgy – Think monster energy and extreme sports.

Whilst we’ve been busy over the summer we’ve had an extra pair of hands in the studio, in the form of recent graphic design graduate Nick Millward. Nick helped Hannah with this studio shoot for SBX on one of his first days. They played around with a few set ups in the studio – Initially going for a super sleek set up, with the products sat on a glass surface to capture the reflection of the products (and yes, we used one of the products to clean the glass first – worked a treat).

We went dark.

It was obvious as soon as we saw the fluorescent green liquid of the SBX1 that we wanted to backlight the product – We added coloured gels to the backlight to enhance the branding of each product.

ISO 100  F/6.3  1/125sec

ISO 100  F/6.3  1/125sec

We then wanted to try something a bit grungier so we opted for our beer crates as a backdrop for the products, which gave the products a completely different look. We thought this set up would make some good insta shots for the brand. What do you think?

ISO 100  F/4.5  1/100sec

ISO 100  F/4.5  1/100sec

We thought we were going to leave it there, but Hannah had a brain wave on the drive home that night…

Smoke in a can.

ISO 100  F/4.5  1/100sec

We had a load of cans of smoke left over from a recent photography event we held in the studio. The idea was to spray the smoke behind the products and light up the smoke with the coloured gels again.

ISO 100  F/4.5  1/125sec

Brief = Sick shots. Nailed it.

ISO 100  F/7.1  1/125sec

We’re now working on a new Shopify website for SBX where we’ll be using the shots from the shoot and it’s looking awesome. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media for when the new website goes live.

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